Feb 07
Mike Fleury leading the UX Speakeasy lightweight branding workshop

A Lightweight Branding Exercise

Exploring Our Brand

A brand can be better thought of as others’ perception of the company, product or service. For this February’s meetup we explored our brand, UX Speakeasy. It was a great exercise and a way to get insights from some of our members. Through a series of short group sprints, we organized a Lightweight Branding Exercise with four specific phases:

  • Brainstorm possible values and attributes of the brand
  • Separate those into what belongs and doesn’t belong to it
  • Group the ones which belong into abstracted groups
  • Distill them into values, key attributes and analogies

The purpose of the exercise was to help teams get into alignment and articulate the core attributes of the brand. In the process, this initial output enables designers to define how it looks, writers to how it speaks, and for any vendor or team member to make coherent decisions by themselves.

Thanks to Bruno Bergher VP of Design at Gladly for sharing this exercise adopted by the team at Expa to develop and launch new companies. The Expa team includes co-founders of Uber, StumbleUpon, AddThis, Foursquare, and many others.

And a huge thanks to the Iron Fist Brewing tasting room for hosting us!

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