Mar 07
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The Complete Design Leader with Peter Merholz

Lead, follow and get out of the way

Design leaders need to know how to do all of the above and more. It’s time you up your design leadership game. You may know Peter Merholz as one of the founders of Adaptive Path or more recently as the co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs from O’Reilly. Oh, and he coined the word “blog.” In other words, he knows his stuff, he teaches his stuff, and he’s good at design… stuff.

Our March 7 was a success and sold out, as usual, hosted at our good friends Konrad x King great office ; Great company, usual beverages and food, what a great way to start this Spring Month

The full description of Peter’s talk:

Coach, Diplomat, Advocate, Architect: The Four Archetypes of the Complete Design Leader
As designers become design leaders, they need to leave behind what made them successful and embrace new approaches to their work. And when they realize just how much there is to do, it can feel overwhelming. In this talk, Peter draws upon 20 years of leading design teams to provide a memorable framework for understanding all aspects of the role. As a Coach, you manage down to get the most out of your team. The Diplomat manages across, developing relationships with functional peers. The Advocate manages up, championing their team’s work to executives and other stakeholders. And the Architect figures out the tools and frameworks necessary to support the design organization as it scales.

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Coach, Diplomat, Advocate, and Architect: The Leveraged Design Leader: Peter Merholz, Leading Design 2017 from Clearleft on Vimeo.

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