Sponsorship Coordinator

Job brief

The Sponsorship Coordinator (SC) reports to the Finance Committee Chair and Board of Directors and serves as a sponsorship facilitator for UX Speakeasy. The SC will identify and research prospective corporations, associations, and other organizations to sponsor UX Speakeasy monthly events, conferences and activities. The SC will work to create compelling sponsorship packages for solicitation and closure of gifts.


  • Catalog UX Speakeasy’s sponsorship needs
  • Research project opportunities through different media channels
  • Create and implement plans to attain sponsorships from different organizations
  • Seek new sponsors by taking referrals and searching for as yet untapped avenues
  • Develop proposals for dissemination to organizations for the solicitation of cash and in-kind donations
  • Develop and prepare appropriate correspondence, including thank you letters and program outcome information
  • Work with UX Speakeasy Committee Chairs and Board Members to ensure appropriate presentation of sponsorship programs at every level of the projects/events
  • Handle negotiations with sponsors and ensure that the agreement that has been reached is the closest to the objective of the plan
  • Act as a liaison between sponsors and UX Speakeasy
  • Follow-up on all submitted proposals
  • Ensure that marketing activities aimed at acquiring and using sponsorship dollars are coordinated properly and are in sync with the program’s directives
  • Ensure the delivery of agreed sponsor benefits successfully
  • Write and file sponsorship reports
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google collaboration applications
  • Project management skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to organize fundraising activities effectively, prioritize prospects, and participate in gift discussions
  • Excellent communication and writing skills

Getting Involved

Accepting this role assumes you have time to contribute to the growth and success of the UX Speakeasy brand. While not a paid position, you’ll be rewarded with the recognition and respect of your peers and industry professionals while helping to make San Diego’s design community globally recognized for greatness.

This position reports to the Finance Committee Chair and Board of Directors

Email finance@uxspeakeasy.com